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Collaborative Communication

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Honing Happiness

Taking it to the next level means moving purposely toward what is desired and not stopping with what is required


Harassment prevention

Companies are increasingly responsible for the conduct of their employees. Some states, like New York, now require annual training to prevent sexual harassment. Many must scramble to make the training occur and maintain good will among employees in the process. We offer workplace training that presumes a shared responsibility for creating and maintaining a safe, healthy culture. This allows for a more positive, productive approach to a hot button, potentially divisive conversation. Aspire higher.

Workplace wellness

Employees who feel appreciated and cared about are more loyal and productive. Working under pressure is the norm in our society, but chronic stress is linked to negative outcomes. Physical and mental health as well as general well-being are often compromised. Providing stress reduction tools in the workplace is not only kind but makes good business sense. Your people are your most valuable resource. Here is the quintessential opportunity to “put your money where your mouth is.”

Heightened homelife

Being happy at home is directly linked to functioning outside the home, to life satisfaction, and to overall wellness. Tending to the relationships we value the most must be a priority; yet, competing demands for time and attention remain a challenge. Finding ways to effectively prioritize partners, children, and other close connections is possible. We offer strategies that make every moment meaningful, helping to enhance the quality of time with loved ones. Priorities take precedence—embrace the experience.

True Heights programs are infused with mindfulness, empathy, and compassion