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“Thank you to Dr. Zan Struebing and Dr. Nadine Heitz, Co-Founders of True Heights Consulting, LLC who led an engaging discussion about approaching professional and personal relationships with mindfulness and intention. The interactive discussion was engaging and so meaningful. Dr. Struebing and Dr. Heitz bring expertise as educators and psychologists and this background forms the foundation of their consulting work. I invite you to learn more about them and the work they do…sign up for their blog to receive weekly insights and information. Thank you, Dr. Zan and Dr. Nadine, for your ongoing support and the friendship you bring to Women Kick Glass!”

JeanAnn Morgan, Founder Women Kick Glass

“Zan and Nadine recently presented a training for our church leadership entitled ‘Creating Healthy Boundaries in a Child Focused Environment.’ They helped us navigate difficult topics with just the right blend of gravitas and kindness and encouraged a high level of participant engagement. I am deeply grateful for how they have helped our church community grow in understanding.”

Rev. Tracey C. Henry

“Zan’s ability to connect to people, in both an emotional and spiritual way, allows for walls to be broken and vulnerabilities to surface.   Her compassion for people is evident in every conversation and interaction.  You can’t help but feel more joy and love after a connection with Zan.”

Joe Beckman, Youth Motivator